ACLED is committed to collecting and incorporating the best available information on conflict events. To do so, we engage with researchers who contribute case-specific information for conflicts. This page will report on those contributions, their sourcing, coverage, and comparisons with other data collection efforts.

Sierra Leone Data

ACLED has recently incorporated data on the Sierra Leonean civil war (1991-2001) from the extensive No Peace Without Justice report from that period. Data from 1997-2001 appear in Version 5 of the full dataset and the Sierra Leone files. Event data for the entire period, and coded in ACLED format, can be downloaded below. Additional files include an extensive codebook, appendix, and article introducing these data and their similarities and differences with other data collections of this period.



When using SLL-LED data, please cite: “De Bruijne, Kars. 2014, “Introducing theSierra Leone Local – Location Event Dataset (SLL-LED).” Armed Conflict Location Event Dataset.