ACLED conflict and protest data for African states from 1997 – December 2016 is available in Version 7 of the the ACLED dataset. Realtime data for 2017 is collected and published on a weekly basis, and will continue to be made available through the Climate Change and African Political Stability (CCAPS) website and on this page.

Due to the realtime nature of data collection which results in occasional reporting lags, and/or insufficient detail in early event reports for inclusion in the dataset, a small number of events in the 2017 data pre-date this period. These have been coded and published for the first time in 2017 and do not duplicate any events found in the full published dataset.

Data files are updated each Monday, containing data from the previous week. The data files below include a single running file for all 2017 data, with monthly files updated on an ongoing basis.

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2017 Realtime Complete All Africa File

  • Realtime 2017 All Africa File (updated 2nd December 2017) (xls)
  • Realtime 2017 All Africa File (updated 2nd December 2017) (csv)