Below are several links and pieces that help to explain the current situation in South Sudan by reviewing the violence that has occurred across the state (and in particular Jonglei) since Independence.

What explains the violence? African Arguments Piece

The UN is the Solution…. African Arguments Piece

Violence in Jonglei- HSBA

Yau Yau Rebellion – Small Arms Survey

Militias in South Sudan- HSBA

Cultural Explanations for violence in Jonglei- PRIO

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Important Reading on South Sudan
Clionadh Raleigh
Clionadh Raleigh
Executive Director
Prof. Clionadh Raleigh is the Executive Director of ACLED. She is also Senior Professor of Political Geography in the School of Global Studies at the University of Sussex and an external senior researcher at the Peace Research Institute Oslo (PRIO). Prof. Raleigh holds a PhD in Geography from the University of Colorado. Her primary research interests are the dynamics of conflict and violence, focusing in particular on the role of formal and informal political structures. Additional interests include Africa, political geography, social/political consequences of climate change, and GIS/spatial econometrics.
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