A selection of visuals highlighting continental and country trends in political violence are included below. The data is drawn from ACLED Version 4.

Trend 1 Events by Type - Proportion

Trend 1: Types of Violence

Over the past 17 years, political violence rates have grown. ACLED recorded a total of 13,504 violent conflict events in Africa for 2013, compared to just over 9,000 events for 2012.

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Trend 2 Agents of Violence

Trend 2: Agents of Violence

Over the past 17 years, there have been distinct changes in the main perpetrators of political violence on the African continent. While governments remain the most actively violent group, the second-most violent group has changed from rebels to political militias.

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Trend 3 Most and Least Violent States - Events and Fatalities - Excluding Riots and Protests

Trend 3: The Most and Least Violent States in 2012

Somalia, Sudan, Nigeria and Democratic Republic of Congo were the four most violent states in 2013, when riots and protests are excluded from the count. The instability facing these different states is reflective of the diversity of the security challenges facing countries across the African continent.

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Trend 5 Riots and Protests

Trend 5: Violence & Fatalities

Rioting and protesting are the fastest growing ‘event types’ within the ACLED dataset. Almost all countries experienced some ‘civilian’ turbulence in past years; the sole exceptions are countries with autocratic regimes.

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