A selection of visuals highlighting continental and country trends in political violence are included below. The data is drawn from ACLED Version 5.

Trend 1: Rates of Violence in 2014

Recent scholarly work suggests a decline in violence rates generally; however, when considering multiple forms of political violence, the rate of conflict occurrence in Africa has risen over the past 18 years.

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Trend 2: Agents of Violence in 2014

While every type of politically violent actor has increased their violence rates since 2009, organized, armed conflict in Africa is now mainly perpetuated by political militias and governments.

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Trend 4: Trends in Violence by Country in 2014

Somalia, Libya, Sudan, Nigeria, and South Sudan are the most violent and deadliest states across Africa, at present. The levels of violence these different states experience reflect the diversity of the security challenges facing countries across the African continent.

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